Thursday, 30 August 2012

Winter Discontent

It seems some UK tekkies have very thin skins. On an antipodean metal detecting forum  John Winter complains that though I had said earlier that I was looking forward to some articulate pro-collecting arguments from his blog:
Then he put the boot in ... go to his site if you must and then do a search on John Winter at  top left.
Well, I did that, and really cannot see any "putting the boot in" there. Maybe he means another person on another "site"?

I see on my blog a discussion of a lengthy article of his with which I disagree: "John Winter on the "Detractors of Metal Detecting"... ". Perhaps the problem is instead of just calling him names and dismissing what he wrote like tekkies do, I say precisely why I disagree with him. Is that "putting the boot in" in tekkie-speak?

I see a text called "John Winter has Problems with US Metal Detectorist" and sympathise with him, I do too. I see "Detecting Under the Microscope: A Winter of Discontent" and comment that I think Mr Winter is confusing discussing a complex issue on a blog and amusing fans on Twitter. I mention Mr W. obliquely in three other posts (like "Focus on Metal Detecting: "Where Would the BM be Without the input of the metal detectorist"? "), hardly "putting the boot in".

It really is rather pathetic that in the eyes of UK metal detectorists even those like Mr Winter, somebody who is not a fawning yes-man who pats artefact hunters on the head all the time like some of my compliant archaeologist colleagues is dismissed as "putting the boot in" and running a "hate blog about metal detecting". Anyone (else) can see that this blog is about (all kinds of) Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues, like it says on the box. That people like Mr Winter have no inclination to discuss the issues raised does not mean that such issues do not exist. 

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