Thursday, 2 August 2012

New Egyptian Ministers

Ahram Online has published the list of Egypt's first government under President Mohamed Morsi ('Meet Hisham Qandil's new Egypt cabinet', Thursday 2 Aug 2012). Only nine of them served in the previous parliament.
 [...] Minister of Antiquities: Mohamed Ibrahim – retaining seat from Ganzouri's cabinet; worked for Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities at the Saqqara and Giza Necropolis archaeological sites; former professor of archaeology at Ain Shams University [...]  
Minister of Culture: Saber Arab – served as minister of culture for a couple of months in Ganzouri's cabinet; former Chairman of the National Library and Archives of Egypt [...]
 Minister of Tourism: Hisham Zaezou – served as minister of tourism in the 1990s; senior assistant to tourism minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel-Nour in Essam Sharaf's government; head of the Egyptian Tourism Federation 2004-2007 [...].

IbrahimMeanwhile,  (Nevine El-Aref 'Revised strategy to preserve Egypt's heritage: Returning minister' Al Ahram 3 Aug 2012) "Egypt's Minister of State for Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim, plans to look for new funds, to promote tourism and to open channels for international cooperation.   
“A new strategy will be drawn up, to find other monetary resources besides the usual ones, in order to increase the ministry’s income, which are currently dependent on tourism levels,” Ibrahim said.[...] Ibrahim also promised to cooperate with all the concerned ministries such as the ministries of tourism, foreign affairs, international cooperation, religious endowments and culture in an attempt to support tourism and promote Egypt’s cultural and archaeological heritage around the world.  The minister told Ahram Online that he also plans to promote the establishment of archaeological exhibitions abroad, to generate more money for the ministry. Ibrahim asserted that he will continue to work on returning Egypt’s stolen and illegally smuggled antiquities, as well as to tighten security at all archaeological sites, monuments and museums.
So, basically continue much the same policies as before. Where is the "revision"?

Photo: Minister of Antiquities Mohammed Ibrahim

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