Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Two Years Ago: UK Treasure Convictions Down

This was two years ago:
Crown versus Kate Harding Overturned Readers might remember the fracas over a coin that was not a coin when the British archaeological establishment tried to convict 23-year old blonde Kate Harding of failing to report a Treasure find which she'd found in her own garden. The whole case depended on when a coin is not a coin, some readers will remember I pointed out another similar case which the PAS/Treasure boffins missed - silence over that one of course. Instead of picking on one of their "partners", the field-hoovering, find-hoarding metal detectorist, they foolishly went for this one and lost a lot of public sympathy. Anyway, Kate Harding's conviction has been overthrown and the inconsistent UK archies will have to look elsewhere to get their first conviction. Try again chaps.
and have they? All sorts of things have gone through eBay.uk in the intervening weeks and months. How many charges have now been made?

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kyri said...

what a joke.one conviction in 16 years and now thats down to zero.
what about all those gold sovereigns that disappeared on a rally[just to mention one case of many],why no convictions there?maybe joke is the wrong word,what it is,is a disgrace.

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