Thursday 7 February 2013

Robber Baron Ideology

One D.B. Wallace (is that the New Testament guy?) is suggesting in a comment to the post "Decoding Eakin: Behind ‘Extortion’ Claim, Fear the Floodgates Have Opened" on the "Chasing Aphrodite" blog that US museums should hang on to whatever stuff they have:   
D. B. Wallace
If a foreign government or national museum is demanding “looted” art back from one of the larger US museums, offer them instead a collection of multi-million dollar contemporary art. Most visitors wouldn’t miss it, and the recipient countries might make some money selling it, for local museum and archaeological security. Keep the object, pay the damn ransom to shut them up.
So if they ask for the fish you've taken from them, you give them a snake instead? What's the idea? Once again we see the collectors'/dealers' favourite little trick of blaming the victim for being so careless as to get themselves looted. Note the scare quotes.

Vignette: Just in case it was the Christian guy commenting. 

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