Thursday 21 February 2013

Britain Does not Believe in "Returnism", but "Takeawayism"

The Crown EstateBritish PM Cameron rejects "Returnism", British policies (I use the term loosely) are geared instead towards "Takeawayism". The Royal Family are just following a national trend (even though two members actually have archaeology degrees): 
Metal detecting enthusiasts have raised £2,000 for by scouring our Savernake estate. Many items were unearthed, from Roman...
Unfortunately Agents of Her Majesty ran out of characters to tell us on what kinds of the Roman sites which they are curating on their land they let these archaeology-gobbling artefact hunters plunder for collectables. Perhaps just as well. Perhaps they would like to be more explicit about how the dosh was collected, and what the detectorists made off with, and how much it would go for on the open market. Would they have made more (nota bene for ex-members of Her Majesty's armed forces abandoned now by the state) by getting the tekkies to hand in all finds and after full recording the Crown Estates had flogged them off at auction? With fairly mundane metal objects listed in detecting magazines at 20-40 quid each with some over 100 quid, you'd not have to find too many artefacts and partifacts to raise 2000 pounds - but then there would be a public outcry about the Crown selling off national heritage to the highest bidder (I'm hoping), but in fact, can anyone explain the difference? 

No PAS staff are listed as in attendance on the PAS website.

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