Thursday 7 February 2013

Cambodia MOU Public consultation

What a difference it makes not having the ACCG going on at the CPAC trying to dissuade them from recommending curbing imports of illegally exported dugups. After the closing of the public consultation period, there was a grand total of 37 results for "DOS-2012-0063"... This does not exactly suggest that as a nation the citizens of the USA are all that concerned about looting of the global heritage and artefact smuggling and do not see this as an area where the USA as one of the mjor market countries should be taking a firm moral lead. Mind you, when the coineys join in the overall preponderance of comments is in support of the freedom to import illicit exports, at least this time, as far as I can see, it was only ACCG's USupremecist Tompa attacking the Cambodians on his own.

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