Friday 15 February 2013

Guilds of Smugglers' Friends in the USA

Rick St Hilaire has a brief but meaty summary of the leadup to the latest ACCG attempts to overturn measures intended to help stop artefact smuggling. He starts off usefully by returning to the source of the problem, pointing out that the U.S. government initiated import controls on archaeological artefacts including ancient coins from China and Cyprus:
after finding that the cultural objects required protection from pillage and illegal trafficking under the Convention on Cultural Property Implementation Act (CPIA)
Whatever pleas they make to the contrary, the ACCG court cases, supported by many hundreds of US ancient coin collectors it seems, were entirely aimed at facilitating the continuance of illicit trafficking of such items, urging that no controls be mandated on their passage at the US borders. What does that tell you about the hobby of collecting ancient dugup artefacts in the US?

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