Tuesday 19 February 2013

Holy Land Antiquities: Ancient Artefacts Seized in Raid on Home

The Israel Antiquities Authority says a tip led to the seizure by officers from the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Israel Police of several hundred ancient artifacts in a raid last Sunday on a private home in the Druze village of Beit Jann in northern Israel.
The artefacts included metal weights, arrowheads, and about 300 ancient coins, including some dating to the Hellenistic period more than 2,000 years ago, the IAA said [...] The officers also found metal detectors used to search antiquities sites for artifacts. According to Israeli law, removing artifacts from sites is illegal and all items belong to the state. Two suspects were arrested, questioned and released on bail, the IAA said. 
So, all those "Holy Land artefacts" being sold through dealers in the USA, where did they come from, and how did they reach those dealers? Does anybody buying them and keeping them in their homes consider that for even a moment?

Matti Friedman, 'Ancient artifacts found in raid on private home' Times of Israel February 18, 2013.

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