Monday 25 February 2013

Iraqi Antiquities Ministry Demands Better Protection for Archaeological Sites

The  Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities called on the government to provide better protection for the archaeological sites in various parts of Iraq where constant looting takes place:

The office stated that “the current protection measures for the archaeological sites are not sufficient to maintain or ensure that [...] these sites would be protected from the gangs specialized in looting Iraqi antiquities.
No doubt American and other collectors who buy from the dealers supplied by these gangs will be arguing in coming weeks that this means that they can continue to buy looted artefacts, justifying themselves that the 'Oriental Brown Folk' cannot look after the artefacts, so the commercial markets of the White Man will have to do it "for them". They of course only consider the loose (decontextualised) artefacts in their world view - the continued financing of the looting gangs to continue the destruction of the sites and their stratification to supply the markets of the White Men and their imitators is simply ignored in their self-centred arguments. 

Antiquities ministry demands protection for Iraqi archeological sites   Al-Baghdadia News  February 24, 2013

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