Thursday 21 February 2013

PM Cameron Rules Out Return of "Elgin" (Sic) Marbles

Disgraceful. "Cameron rules out return of Parthenon marbles " Ekathimerini February 21, 2013

British Prime Minister David Cameron has ruled out the return of the Parthenon marbles to Greece. Speaking from India, where he is on an official visit, on Thursday the Tory leader turned down requests for the return of the Koh-i-noor diamond to Britain’s former colony saying he did not believe in “returnism.” “It is the same question with the Elgin marbles,” [...] “The right answer is for the British Museum and other cultural institutions to do exactly what they do, which is to link up with other institutions around the world to make sure that the things which we have and look after so well are properly shared with people around the world,” Cameron said.
The snotty self-righteous so-and-so might at least have the decency to call them the Parthenon Marbles, which is what they are. So what "linking up" are the BM doing with the Crosby Garrett Helmet then? It may have escaped his notice but the Koh-i-Nor is not kept in a museum, but in a hat.

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I am not sure whether this unhelpful statement requires any comment at all. The speaker does not seem to realize that it is not enough to declare you will not return stolen/looted or illegally acquired artefacts. If he is in India, he should concentrate on the requests the Indians are making and provide them with reasons why the British Museum should not return ill-gotten artefacts This arrogance that has been all along the attitude of the British ruling classes is not shared by the British people who have in all opinion polls overwhelmingly voted in favour of returning the Parthenon/Elgin Marbles. Is Cameron aware of this?

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