Friday 22 February 2013

How Does 'Globalism' Look?

If you look in the 'links' sidebar to the left of this blog there is also there a map widget showing the location of the people who have recently looked in at this blog. The dots tend to form a rather consistent pattern. It is interesting to compare that with other internet-activity, for example similar maps on other sites (like Yahoo's Ancient Artifacts forum for example which is quite revealing too). I was interested in this 'Map of the Geographic Structure of Wikipedia Topics' (hat tip to Chuck Jones for that one) published by Olivier H. Beauchesne based on the geocoding of all articles in Wikipedia.  

In general, looking at the geo-data of antiquitist internet-activity in general, you'd have predicted the swathe across the northern hemisphere. Although there are some differences, like in Scandinavia and eastern Europe where the number of 'antiquitist-hits' on English language antiquity-related sites is far less than the map predicts. There is an interesting discrepancy in the south hemisphere, where the concentrations in South America , Western, Eastern and Southern Africa tend not to be reflected in antiquitist-hits, and Australia is under-represented.
It would be interesting to look into this topic in more detail, and it might reveal some facts about the shape and trends in the current form of the antiquities market. 

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