Wednesday 13 February 2013

An Answer to the Parthenon Marbles Standoff?

On the other hand, the January 2013 judgement by a US court ("Chabad Book Madness Gets Even Crazier: US Oversteps the Mark") offers Greece some hope in the long-standing controversy over the UK's refusal to let them have back the Parthenon Marbles. Greece obviously needs to file a lawsuit with a Washington DC court and get it to "sanction the UK government $50,000 per day" if it does not respect the court’s order to turn over the sculptures to the Athens Museum authorities. If a New York Hassidic group lays claim to cultural property abandoned in Russia, then the Greeks have as much chance of getting a US court to decide in their favour too.

Vignette: Time the British Museum started to pay for not handing back the Marbles

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