Friday 15 February 2013

Oak Trees Growing on the Supreme Court Steps?

Wayne Sayles, veteran coin dealer puffs up his chest and kids himself:
Some 50,000 Americans who call themselves Ancient Coin Collectors are hopeful that February 12, 2013 will be remembered by numismatic historians as an auspicious day"  ("From small acorns…. Ancient Coin Collectors on the steps of the Supreme Court"). 
Apparently asking US dugup antiquity dealers to stick to importing stuff with rudimentary documentation of licit export is a "draconian restriction", a requirement that - in the current state of the market Sayles inhabits - is "impossible to meet".
Collectors point to a 600-year-old legitimate market that has witnessed a constant and massive flow of ancient coins from every conceivable source country... 
...writes Sayles, so why on earth would they want to add to that mass of coins already in the US other coins which are not legitimately sourced? That's a question which beats all but the most hardened coiney. I really wonder if all "50 000" collectors of ancient dugup coins in the US actually are behind the so-called "Ancient Coin Collectors' Guild" and the antics of such as Waynes Sayles, Dave Welsh, Peter Tompa and John Hooker? Would you appreciate being associated in the public eye with such self-appointed spokesmen?

The ACCG Megameet on the steps of the Supreme Court 12th Feb 2013,
(in the pink bobble hat on the left, Wayne Sayles). It seems they are well short of 50 000 members here.

Sayles claims with over-flowery rhetoric that his minority interest group is protesting against "extralegal caprice" of the Federal authorities which "ignores the plain language of the law" without recognizing that the CCPIA itself is a particularly useless piece of junk legislation.  The ACCG continues the challenge of the Federal Authorities, this time through (yawn) the Supreme Court, Sayles claiming self-importantly:
Meanwhile, the case has grown from a rather provincial test of bureaucratic agency decision-making to something of far greater consequence. [...] The potential ramifications are significant and extend well beyond the world of coin collecting.  A decision on this question could well set the bar for presidential discretion for years to come.  
Alternatively, it will not and these people are just making fools of serious and responsible coin collectors whom they claim to represent.

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