Saturday 9 February 2013

Staffordshire Hoard Field in 2009

Nigel Swift has pointed me towards this video of the Staffordshire Hoard field taken in autumn of 2009, presumably just weeks after the official announcement of the discovery on 24th September 2009.

Brownhills Hoard Treasure Site, posted on You Tube by Diomedes1962

What is epecially interesting is that at almost exactly the same spot as he photographed last weekend relatively fresh holes dug near the edge of the field, on the video are some brown smudges - are these too nighthawk holes?  Is there perhaps a hotspot here that has been repeatedly visited by thieves in between the archaeological surveys? What have these surveys revealed about what is happening in the archaeology of the field at this spot? Will we ever know anything about what has gone missing?
Let's take a closer look at those marks, at the top is a frame from the film, at the bottom can be seen one of Nigel Swift's photos, it can be seen that the two were taken from almost exactly the same spot.

What do you think? Holes?

Under the video is a poem in pseudo Early English, but the meter goes to pieces.

"[...] In time a finder comes, Walh halh born,
a wood-skilled earth-scourer, scrap-finder of renown,
following the ploughman, a son of John.
Around his Feast Day he tilled the treasure, unlocked the hoard.
Now all hail the ancient and forgotten sword-heroes of middle earth".

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