Thursday 14 February 2013

FLO Response on "Risqué" find

There is a thread going on over on a metal detecting forum near you about a "Risque (sic) find for ID please (FLO Update)"  where a finder is seeking help identifying an object with a depiction on it which he finds interesting. Of more interest is the way in which the local FLO communicated their own identification:
Hi I have checked with colleagues and although similar its not Roman. Its likely to be a 19th brothel token though! hope that helps? [Name withheld]
The punctuation leaves something to be desired in a letter coming from an employee of an official body run by the British Museum. Why is there a question mark at the end? This is either statement:
"[I] hope that helps." 
or a question:
"[does] that [help]?" 
It cannot be both.

In either case though, the response from the finder is the same negative. The FLO is telling them nothing they do not already know, but is evidently getting very excited about it, as indicated by the exclammation mark.

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