Friday 22 February 2013

Responsible Tekkies Ask Good Question About Twinstead Case

On a metal detecting forum near you, in a thread called "gold rush", questions are being asked by responsible law-abiding detectorists about what the subsequent developments were in the Twinstead hoard investigation by the metal-detecting PC. As readers will remember a number of responsibility-challenged and pig-ignorant-about-the-law detectorists made off with a substantial number of gold coins. People who nevertheless handed them in within the 14 days allowed were promised an amnesty, while those who sat tight on their ill-gotten gains (or had already flogged them off) were threatened that they'd be found out and treated as the law dictates. So what were the results of the investigations?
What have British law-enforcement authorities to report to law-abiding detectorists? That they have done their job, and... what? For if the police are not seen to be upholding the letter of the law, what hope is there that treasure hunters will? PC Eagle 1?

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