Wednesday 20 February 2013

Heritage Hero Detecting Vest

Would you wear one of these? Presenting a tekkie fashion accessory with genuine tekkie street-cred which will make its wearer look like a real heritage hero (in the eyes of his companions).

You Tube video: "Pro-Tector detecting vest" posted by "paul cee").

Recommended, start here to avoid pompous intro to a totally lack-lustre performance.

 "Very well- made, plenty of pockets" to put the loot in. "Six long pockets.. smaller pocket for missing small things"...  Just right for those busy fingers, lots of velcro things, eyelets, straps, pull handle at the scruff of the neck for the wearer's mates to "drag you to safety" if he is "down in battle" (eh?). It seems like this is how these folk see themselves.

It is not clear if there is a history lover's version, without the pockets.  So why are they not made in Hi-vis fabric?

PS Can you imagine the achaeological equivalent, "a look around my trousers", or "scrutinising my jumper/ hard hat/ digging boots"? It would probably be even less rivetting viewing than the above tekkie offering. 

Hat tip to Nigel Swift.

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