Sunday 17 February 2013

"Yahoo" Artefact Collectors Show True Colours

It appears from the broken link on the group's home page that Tim Haines' Yahoo Ancient Artifacts group has ditched the Code of Ethics for Responsible Artefact Collecting which it once had to make pretence that its members were all "responsible". Still, its good to see them sailing again under their true colours:


kyri said...

hi paul,i dont know whats happend to the link but the code of ethics is still there in the file one has ever claimd that all the members are responsible collectors,the code is voluntary after all.
the code was written by some of the groups ethical collectors of which there are many but sadly,there are also many,who are not.

Paul Barford said...

I think you will agree that there is a difference between a marginal document "tucked away in the files somewhere" and one accessed through a lnk blazoned across the home page of a group.

Tell me, if a group claims:

"We are committed to responsible antiquities collecting, "

and yet continues to tolerate irresponsible activity, then what kind of "committment" is that?

Artefact hunters, dealers and collectors are notorious for saying one thing and doing another, and this is another case of empty words in the field. Either you are committed to something, or you are not actually all that bothered by who does what in the group.

The broken link shows how central to the group's activity that "code" actually is.

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