Friday 25 October 2013

Focus on Metal Detecting: Allegations and Complaints

I have commented on the destructiveness of the digging done by a group of metal detectorists in a field in Leicestershire, and was interested to see another comment criticising the group - contrary to the entire UK press coverage which was presenting these guys as some kind of heritage heroes. I must stress that I have no knowledge of the circumstances of the detectorists' presence on the land, if they were indeed trespassing in this field, I hope charges are pressed. This is from the Leicester Mercury and I quote it in full in case it gets deleted by some  pro-tekkie propagandists trying to quash public discussion:
WilliamG1971  |  October 25 2013, 6:52PM
Detectorists from Derbyshire went into Leicestershire, detected on land without the landowner's permission, contravened the Natural England environmental stewardship agreement that was protecting the KNOWN archaeology on this land, contravened the Code of practice for responsible metal detecting by digging a large hole well below the ploughsoil, persuaded Police to stand guard for 2 days by telling them that it probably contained treasure when the only threat to it had been created by the DETECTORISTS going to the media to make their 'find' of a person's grave public knowledge, expect Leicestershire Council to spend Leicestershire residents' council tax money to clean up their mess, then have the absolute audacity to criticise the archaeologists for following legal and ethical procedures. The locals should be in uproar about the METAL DETECTORISTS and be praising the council for acting in their best interests, not the other way around. The detectorists should be ashamed.

See also here, where because he dares criticise artefact hunting, WilliamG1971 is accused by one " Flavious" (sic) of being a sock-puppet. As if nobody else has a critical opinion about metal detecting in the UK.

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