Wednesday 30 October 2013

Displaying Apollo

Look at this photo (Cleveland Examiner):

What's the first thing you notice? The Leutwitz Apollo's lost its lean. Is this photo-trickery or is the display base slanted? Whatever the reason the Leutwitz Apollo does not look so unlike the copies it is displayed with like that, does it? But then is the essential feature of this piece of art (as it exists today) not being obscured here? If that is a deliberate effect, is that intellectual honesty on behalf of the displaing institution?

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Paul Barford said...

To the person who used this to try to contact me, please remind me of your email and I will send you mine. I look forward to hearing from you, though I am a bit ambiguous about the matter you mention (and so far avoided getting involved), but I will give it fair coverage.

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