Sunday 20 October 2013

ACCG clownishness continues

The degree of dedication to the truth one may expect from an ACCG coin dealer is well-exposed by the fact that a certain post on Dealer Dave's blog demonstrably filled wiuth falsehoods has not been modified (see here). What kind of people work for the ACCG? For what qualities were they selected by the coin collecting community to represent them? Does the ability to think logically, analyse situations and speak the truth figure highly among them? 

UPDATE 22.10.13
Maybe somebody can explain to a tiresomely personal US dealer in ancient coins and ACCG board member ("Provenance Redux") the difference between publishing as facts about somebody information which is known, and publishing made-up "speculation" as fact. The evidence suggests that the antiquity dealer does not appreciate the difference.  This raises the question of the nature of the evidence they use to present the "collecting histories" of the items they sell, is it merely in this case too made-up speculation passed-off as fact? 

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