Wednesday 16 October 2013

Central Searchers Metal Detecting Club Organising Club Digs and Metal Detecting Rallies on Archaeological Sites

"Central Searchers Metal Detecting Club Organising Club Digs and Metal Detecting Rallies":
Pertenhall Beds Saturday 19th October 2013 09.30 – 17.00
We are pleased to announce we have some more new land to search in this great area. So far all the fields on this farm apart from one have produced Gold Staters and silver units. This new block of land is a huge single field of 150 acres. The land rises up to a large hill that is one of the highest points in the local area. Earlier this year archaeologists excavated numerous trenches across this site for site evaluation, discovering 3 areas with signs of settlement, one Iron Age, one Roman and one Saxon, the trenches are all still visible, no metal detectors were used in the survey.

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Anonymous said...

To compound the above oikery, this organisation has of course now hidden from public gaze it's "rule" that says anything worth up to £2,000 (as assessed by their customers) belongs entirely to their customers and anything worth more they must show to the farmer and share.

Bearing in mind the sort of people who attend such an event in such a place with that sort of rule, it seems unlikely the farmer (and therefore PAS) are going to be shown many finds of major cultural or monetary significance.

PAS must have made that calculation yet still have to turn up - with a fixed smile. Bonkers innit? Yes, they all say (but quietly lest Roger hears!) Is there ANY job in the heritage sector more upsetting than attending a Central Searchers Rally? I doubt it.

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