Friday 18 October 2013

Trophy Relics: "I'm Misty from Wyoming, Buy Me"

No need for US collectors to import dodgy bones, a dinosaur skeleton dug up on private land in Wymoming is being offered for sale in Great Britain. There's a telling quote right at the end:
 "If I was a rich man, I could actually have a fossil dinosaur... that would impress my friends much more than a Ferrari and it would cost me just a fraction of £18 million," he said. "That is really incredibly cheap if you compare it with a collector's car and you've got a much more spectacular, gob-smacking exhibition.
No pretence of "just collecting it for the history/ research" here. Complete honesty, something to improve social standing.

Susannah Cullinane, 'Diplodocus longus dinosaur for sale. Yes, really', CNN October 16, 2013

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