Wednesday 23 October 2013

Romania Wants to Buy Detroit's Dacian Helmet

'Iron Gates' helmet (photo Adevăru despre daci)
As reported in the newspapers, Detroit declared bankruptcy in July and the local authorities have started to sell assets from the city. Under consideration, much to the horror of art lovers, has been the idea of selling off  some of the valuable objects held in the city's Institute of Arts. The Romanian Government has reportedly started proceedings to buy several objects from the Art Institute in Detroit, including a silver Dacian helmet. Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta has asked the Romanian consul in Chicago to find out the prices for these objects, following which the Culture Ministry would send someone over to negotiate buying the goods.
The helmet, weighing 811 grams, is 24 centimeters tall and is richly adorned and gilded. [...]  The 4th century [BC] Dacian helmet was formerly in the collection of Franz Tau, Vienna after being sold by Galerie Fischer, Lucerne in 1954. It has also been in the possession of Elie Borowski, Toronto. It was purchased by the Sarah Bacon Hill Fund. It is yet uncertain where the helmet was originally found and how it left Romania.
and good, if it goes anywhere, obviously the national collections of Romania should have first choice and the opportunity to acquire this emblemic object for public display back in the territory that was once that of the ancient Dacians. What on earth Detroit actually wanted with it is anyone's guess. What did it represent in a US municipal art collection?

Romania Insider, 'Romania wants to buy ancient Dacian helmet, Brancusi works from art institute in bankrupt Detroit' September 5, 2013 

Addaci, 'Tezaurul getic aflat într-un muzeu din Detroit (SUA) ar putea fi repatriat',  Adevăru despre daci Jul 2, 2013.

Hat tip to Florin Curta

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