Thursday 24 October 2013

The Uncomfortable Truth

Dealers in antiquities, the middlemen in the system, receive from their many agents artifacts from all over the world, all said to be ancient productions. Antiquity dealers (like drug dealers) exist only because both sellers and customers exist (the word customer, however, is never used). The customers take pleasure in knowing and sharing in the background of the plunder/loot, and the consequent destruction of this planet’s history. Collecting allows them to display their wealth, power, and social positions, and to be described as prominent. Collectors are the beginning, as with drug purchasers, of plunder and forgery. Consequently, tomb robbers all over the world have steady work year after year; collectors want more and more antiquities, and the collecting population grows steadily.
Oscar Muscarella, 'An Unholy Quartet: Museum Trustees, Antiquity Dealers, Scientific Experts, and Government Agents',

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