Sunday 20 October 2013

Israeli Archaeologists Laughing Stock

The Israeli Antiquities Authority is pretty helpless when it comes to doing something about antiquity trading. Or anything much about anything connected with antiquities trade. The courts most definitely are no help either:
The Antiquities Authority has failed in its last-gasp attempt to confiscate the controversial Jehoash Tablet from Israeli collector Oded Golan. In a verdict handed down on Wednesday, the three-judge appeal panel of Supreme Court justices decided by 2-1 that the inscribed tablet must be returned to Golan, who was acquitted last year of forging after a 10-year prosecution and trial. [...] Israeli prosecutors advised by the authority had argued that although they continue to believe the inscription is a modern forgery, the reverse of the stone had been “dressed” in ancient times and was therefore classified as an antiquity that should belong to the state. But the court rejected those arguments by a majority decision. 
 Matthew Kalman, 'After Supreme Court ruling, collector Oded Golan poised to reclaim Jehoash Tablet', Jerusalem Post 18th October 2013.

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