Monday 28 October 2013

Crosby Garrett Surprise

The "Crosby Garrett Helmet" was sold to an anonymous buyer for £2.2m  in 2010 after it was dug out of an unknown context in a Cumbrian field by metal detectorists who flogged it off. It ws bought from under the nose of the Tullie House Museum who had striven to raise funds to buy it on behalf of the public. Under circumstances that remain unclear, it is however at last going on long-term public view, from November it will be displayed at Tullie House Museum.
Its display at Tullie House is supported by the Art Fund and The Monument Trust [...] Following its stint at Tullie House, which runs until 26 January, the helmet will go on show at the British Museum.
It is not really certain what the Art Fund and The Monument Trust are paying out for. Perhaps its to repair the gapfilling. The identity of the winning bidder has never been revealed.

There will be a conference on Saturday 9th November.  "The morning of the day will concentrate on the site where the helmet was found, while the afternoon will have lectures by Mike Bishop and Jon Coulston, and will put it into its international context". So at last we will hear the results of the excavations of the findspot by the PAS carried out two years ago in great secrecy. What did they find?

Crosby Garrett Helmet heading to Carlisle's Tullie House BBC 28 October 2013

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