Monday 28 October 2013

Museum Security Network, Sad News and Thanks

Ton Cremers'  "Museum Security" discussion list has been immensely important in the fight against the Black Hat Guys of the heritage dispute. The regular newsfeed has been a very important resource for heritage professionals and writers and people interested in cultural heritage issues for many years (though I wonder how many artefact hunters and collectors actually subscribed). If this blog is anything to go by, collecting, editing, verifying and disseminating this information was a very time-consuming task and Ton kept the information coming real-time, sometimes adding his own trenchant comments (those on the SLAM Ka-Nefer Nefer mask case, which in fact he had a huge part in initiating, were particularly welcome). Ton also was very supportive of my blogging efforts from the beginning, and in my discussion of the weasel-worded wackiness of the US dugup coin trade lobbyists. 

Sadly today, its initiator and owner Ton Cremers announced:  "after 17 years of Museum Security Network I have closed The Google group and its archive will remain online". Ton Cremers deserves recognition for the effort he put into creating and running this resource for so long. We all owe him our thanks and best wishes for the future. 

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