Friday 25 October 2013

Leutwitz Apollo (14): American Culture Caught up in Yuropeen History

The CMA on the basis of the uncorroborated eye-witness accounts have constructed a sugar-sweet vision of the past of the Leutwitz Apollo. One written it seems for the specific tastes of a Disney-bred audience.
Romantic - the statue is brought by mysterious travellers (mystery element in non-crucial part of story) to a rural haven, the terraced and befountained garden of an aristocratic estate in Saxony
Secret Garden- nobody sees it there .  
Lost childhood - a young boy spends his summer holidays away from the dark events occurring in Berlin with his great uncle (the antiquities collector) and spends his time cycling through fields of ripening corn, and dallying innocently with the flaxen-haired village girls.  
Storm clouds gather - by 1936 after the Reich's annexation of the Rhineland, the statue is moved indoors and stays trapped in the house as the winds of history engulf the estate.  
Tempest - the Red Army sweeps raping, destroying and pillaging through Saxony, the statue is a casualty of War, but by a miracle survives.
Darkness - the object is ignored by those driven by dark forces, cartoon Communists. Through ignorance and squalour nobody recognizes what it is and its value.
 Serendipity - the statue is found and rescued by a collector. He eventually sells it (human interest story: not knowing its true worth) to a mysterious dealer (mystery element in a non-crucial part of the story).
Monuments Men- the object is taken care of by dealers and then sold to the shining-armour-clad saviours of Western Civilization from Cleveland. The statue's future is thus safe for all mankind for all time.

How much truth is there in this concocted history? 

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