Sunday 27 October 2013

Amsterdam Tribal Art Fair

"At the Tribal art fair you can find objects from Oceania, Africa, Indonesia, South-America, Tibet and the Philippines The exhibition comprises jewellery and sculptures, textiles, masks, implements and furniture. All objects on the fair will also be judged by experts in that region. At the TAF Amsterdam 2013 nineteen renowned art dealers, both from Holland and abroad will display their best pieces. Collectors, enthusiasts and anyone who is curious about tribal art can come and look around or learn more about this art form by attending a guided tour or an interesting lecture, all at ‘De Duif' church in the centre of Amsterdam".

Of course not all these objects were made as "art" or as portable (mobile) objects at all. There's a whole load of photos here on the facebook page, one wonders just what sort of collecting histories these objects have, and export documentation. There does not seem to be a mention of this issue on the fair's webpage. I noted a couple of what seem to be snapped off grave marker posts with sculpted figures which raise questions. Not least, however, the odd bleaching of the head of one of them, bird droppings or chemical bleaching gone wrong?

Participants 2013:
preview 2013
Adam Prout Tribal Art
African tribal Art Gallery de Ruyter-Van Santen, Katlijk
Artconcern, Baarn
Astamangala, Amsterdam
Ben Hunter, London
Bryan Reeves- Tribal Gathering, London
Dick Meijer, Antiquiteiten, Amsterdam
Ethnographic Art Books, Rotterdam
Frans Faber, Amsterdam
Galerie Dogon, Berlin
Galerie Hoogenbosch, Gorredijk
Galerie Lemaire, Amsterdam
Galerie Willem Zwiep, Amsterdam
Karavanserai, Maastricht
Kauri New Guinea Art, Wormerveer
Michael Evans Tribal Art, Dijon
Salon, Eindhoven
Stothert & Trice, London
Tribal Design, Amsterdam
Tribal Art Magazine 

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