Wednesday 23 October 2013

Los Angeles Review of Books on the Koh Ker Duryodhana.

For a wonderful moment I thought this was going to be the glowing review of the book that deserves to be written about this shocking and fascinating case with its many colourful characters and twists in the narrative:
Dustin Roasa, 'Fate of A Statue: The Case of the Duryodhana' Los Angeles Review of Books, October 20th, 2013.
It is not, but is nevertheless a good read. 

The [conservation] workshop, which was strewn with dozens of stone figures whose arms, legs and heads had been hacked off by looters, felt like a hospital trauma ward. Despite the damage, though, the sculptures managed to retain something of their original majesty. The two statues returned by the Met in June had been placed in the center of the floor, their arms crossed solemnly as they gazed into the middle distance, where the Duryodhana would have once leapt into battle in the recessed tableau at Koh Ker. Nine thousand miles away, a federal court in New York will decide soon if they will be together again.

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