Wednesday 30 July 2014

Crowing over US SLAM Cock-up

According to Lee Rosenbaum ‏@CultureGrrl
SLAM stuck to its guns and won. Feds concede lack of proof that @STLArtMuseum's mummy was stolen, drop restitution case
Well, you can go off people, can't you. "Feds" did not concede lack of proof it was stolen, they saw they'd made a mess of things. As it happens,  it's probably one of the least harmful of the utter messes the USA has got itself into over the past administration. But still annoying as something that should not have happened. And then to see 'cultural' USAns crowing about it... It's up to USA public opinion now, isn't it? Anyone holding their breath? Don't.

PS they haven't got the "mummy", just its face with the name scratched off -  the significance of which SLAM did not see when they were going through the motions of "researching" (sic) its origins. 

Vignette: Museums filled with dodginess are nothing to crow about.

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