Wednesday 30 July 2014

No Creativity, so Fixated Old Men Still Dragging the Ancient Coin Trade Through the Mud

Because they really have got no other ideas what they could be doing for collectors, the ACCG Files Reply Brief in Support of its Motion for Reconsideration (Wednesday, July 30, 2014) in the Baltimore illegal coin import stunt case.  Allegedly:
it discusses new Supreme Court case law and old legislative history that should be dispositive in favor of the Guild’s position that the government bears the initial burden of proof on where historical coins subject to forfeiture were “first discovered.”
While I am sure the appeal court will find that very entertaining, what the court has to decide (if anything) is whether those really scrappy bits of over-stripped metal ACCG dealers wanted to import on behalf of collectors are on the Designated List, and was an attempt made to import them  in accordance with current law or not. Nothing else. Surely those resources could have been better spent in finding ways to clean up this market rather than dragging it further down into utter disrepute.

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