Friday 25 July 2014

Greek Police Officer Accused of ... what?

Yesterday I commented on a story: 'Greek Police Officer Accused of being part of Corrupt Antiquities Smuggling Ring',  today another photo appears in a report of the same event, purporting to show the other seized artefacts. It's pretty important whether of not they do. The head of a young man has been burnt and soaked in brown gunk to make it look old, though the squiffy eyes make it clear it is most unlikely to be. The 'cycladic figurine' is a stomach-turning piece of work, it's a fake and you can see at once that the grooves are cut with an abrasive cutting disc from a DIY shop (probably two of them). The men that made those pieces commit a crime against culture, but lack of artistic taste (or skill) should not be a jailable offence. Trying to sell them as genuine artefacts is fraud however.

Or is the case of the 'stock photo flaunts antiqui-reality again'?

Sotiria Nikolouli, 'Million-euro Marble Statue Seized in Greece', Greek Reporter Jul 24, 2014

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