Thursday 31 July 2014

For Sale: "A Genuine Metal Detecting find I have found"

Here for sale is a metal detecting find I have found That appears to be sacon in origin This was found on a site that has produced some great saxon and roman finds for me It looks like a saxon penny but maybe slightly bigger maybe made as a medallion or keep sake? Weight 3.0g Cheers Johm
Perhaps the site had been used for an historical re-enactment, or the object was 'planted' for a club dig...Chris Brewchorne informed the seller:

It is a modern copy of an Aethelstan Penny, made by my mate Dave Greenhalgh, aka Grunal the Moneyer, who lives at a settlement in Lincolnshire called Tanvats. It has his 'signature' on the reverse, Grunal on Tanvats. It is not Saxon, not historic, and he sells them for about £1. Its not Silver, its Pewter. Genuine coins weigh 1.5g, not over 3g

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