Tuesday 29 July 2014

Metal Detecting Permits: A good Sign From Cultural Property Observer?

Over on the Cultural Property Observer blog, where remarks about regulating metal detecting are commonly encountered, a UK metal detectorist is writing approvingly about a recent conviction of a US archaeologist for removing 17 artefacts from state land without applying first for a permit to do so. It is good to see an example of the commitment of UK detectorists to the idea of search permits. The introduction of conservation and research orientated permits on the European model would be a good way of countering knowledge theft and bad practice, and a logical extension of existing doctrines and needs. It is good to see support from the milieu at this early stage for the idea of future regulation to further the needs of effective collaboration and allowing metal detectorists to better contribute to knowledge generation.

Photo: 2011 New York State Beach/Park Metal Detecting Permit $40 annually:, note, finds above $20 worth to be handed-in and no archaeological objects are to be removed.

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