Monday 28 July 2014

UK Metal Detecting: "[...]k off and Die Heritage Action, Barford and the rest of you"!

"Remember that when you are out with
your metal detector you are an ambassador for our
hobby. Do nothing that might give it a bad name
Over on Heritage Action's blog we see a typical metal detectorist reaction to a discussion of artefact hunters selling finds.  It's from a John West and was sent 27/07/2014 at 22:47
Dont waste your breathe or typing skills on this bunch of twisted blinkered [...]ers. You could give all your finds to a museum and they still would call foul. [...]k off and die heritage action, barford and the rest of you syncapathic (sic) [...]ers... Here endeth the lesson. [...] at least us (sic) detectorists are actually finding pieces of the past rather than belittling those that do Pathetic [....]ers. Now post this you twisted [...]k. You know who I am and I will return to plague your [...]t sake of a site !!!
Yes, they always do. Very few of them feel the need to engage in anything but whining, feeble pseudo-justifications, threats and outright vulgarity.This is why there really is no point in trying to discuss anything with artefact hunters, but we need to be discussing what the rest of us can do about artefact hunters like this whose only justification for "finding pieces of the past" is to throw it in the face of the rest of us like this. Without the PAS they would be nothing but looters, yet the paradox is that the PAS was set up to negotiate best practice with the milieu represented here so eloquently by John West. How much chance of an effective resolution to the artefact hunting problem do you think the mentalities behind this and a host of other posts made by metal detectorists which anyone who looks can see all over the internet give them? 

Mr West's ISP is available to NCMD officials - just ask.

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