Monday 28 July 2014

Illegal Metal Detecting in Yellowstone National Park

Erika Angulo, 'Yellowstone treasure hunters run into problems looking for buried loot', TODAY July 27, 2014
Summer at Yellowstone National Park usually means a steady stream of tourists, but this year a different kind of visitor has rangers on alert — one hoping to strike it rich by digging in the park. Armed with metal detectors, shovels and camping gear, treasure hunters are making their way to Yellowstone in search of a gold-filled 42-pound chest that a New Mexico millionaire says he hid in the Rocky Mountains some four years ago. [...]  But treasure hunting at a national park can land you in jail. "People are coming into the park unaware of the regulations that protect the resources that preclude invasive treasure searching techniques such as digging, metal detectors, anything that destroys or impacts the resources," says Chief Ranger Tim Reid.
Well, if somebody was digging to bury something in the park, they too should be prosecuted, surely?


Anonymous said...

Who cares if you did a hole as long as you fill it in .Further more the parks belong to the public paid for by the public who are you to tell us what we pay for we can't access as long as we repair it .What's really at work here is that you want nobody to have any treasure knowing full well it's not legal for you the GOVERNMENT to block it's citizens the right's they are entitled to. We are tired of Government over reach and it's time to STOP IT!!

Paul Barford said...

So are you going to dig up any PLANT you fancy in the national park to take home? Is that OK, as long as you "fill in the holes"? What, in your opinion are national parks "for"? What, for you, is the difference between your garden or the shopping mall carpark and a national park? And these governments, what are they for, to establish regulations determining how the populace behave- or simply to allow a free-for-all in every walk of life (so what is it for)? >We are tired of Government overreach and think "it's time to STOP IT!!"< Well get rid of your asshole President Trump and his nazi cronies, go ahead, the world will thank you for it.

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