Friday 25 July 2014

Cultural Property Observer: Militant Atrocities - "LOL"

US 'Representatives' Steve Israel and
Charles Rangel want to help the smugglers?
Since there is evidence that at the moment, militant Islamist groups active in Syria and Iraq are using antiquity smuggling to finance their operations, it behoves dealers and collectors to be extra-cautious about the sources of antiquities they buy to avoid potentially contributing to the revenue of groups responsible for human rights abuse in these regions. In other words responsible collectors taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions, what we call acting responsibly. A comment on the so-called "Cultural Property Observer" blog responding to such suggestions indicates just how much of a chance there is of that happening. The author postulates that such suggestions come from:
the usual loonies on the fringe of sanity. 
Mr Tompa may despise " Islamic (sic) fanatics", but apparently has no intention of suggesting that his readers can consider how they can avoid financing them. The current plight of the people of Iraq whose lives have been turned upside down are the direct result of the ambitions of Washington in 2003, and it is upsetting to see that Washington and its airheaded UK supporters are still laughing about it a decade on. Shame on you.

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