Thursday 31 July 2014

Jedz Jabłka na złość Putinowi

Poles "#EatApples to annoy Putin". It'd be great if people everywhere bought more fruit and vegetables of Polish origin to help Polish farmers out as a result of Putin's revenge for EU sanctions.  The action started a bit too early, as the varieties that are normally exported to Russia in bulk are still on the trees, and if my orchard is anything to go by, not very big yet. The September harvest was the one that the Russian market swallowed - so get into your local greengrocer and ask "got any Polish apples?" I personally recommend Ligol and Jonagold varieties.  Anyway, our massive neighbour has for upwards of sixty years relied on Poland as a supplier of many commodities. The breakup of the Soviet Bloc was a huge blow to the Russian economy. I am sure the Russian people will soon notice the decline in the quality of the products imported to substitute for the products of the fertile Polish soil, and I hope they let Putin know what they think.


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