Saturday 26 July 2014

The Coin Collector and Kafka

Wayne Sayles attempts to harness Franz Kafka as propaganda for his efforts to overturn US customs controls on smuggled artefacts ('Kafkaesque' Wednesday, July 23, 2014). He was probably using the Reader's Digest version as he seems to have missed off the end of the story:
...and Josef asked the old Rabbi, "Rebbi, what was the meaning of the parable?" The old man sighed and straightening his back, replied. 'The old man could not enter the gate because his intentions were not pure. He wanted to use the law to his own advantage, to exploit and oppress others, the weak, the poor, the dispossessed. The Lord God saw this and disallowed it'. Josef frowned and spat on the ground. 'In that case', he said slowly and with feeling, 'I hope the old man rots in hell'. 'He will', replied the Rabbi, 'he will'.

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