Tuesday 15 July 2014

US Coin Collectors Misbehaving: Is this Irony or What?

The ACCG does not know whether it is coming or going. On one blog associated with the dealers' lobby group, one of the board of ACCG directors and dealers' lobbyist recently wrote about how awful it would be for the American taxpayer to have to pay SLAM's attorney's fees to retain the mask-that-was-in-two-places-at-once as a trophy in its collections, but apparently another ACCG Board of Directors dealer-blogger thinks it is fine that American taxpayers have been repeatedly forced to pay to defend anti-smuggling measures against ACCG's frivolous and doomed lawsuit. I think both are pretty awful, SLAM should take a good look at the evidence for their "collecting history" and send the object back, US collectors should stop buying freshly smuggled artefacts instead of trying to overturn legislation intended to stop them reaching the US market, and tricking US lawmakers into helping them.

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