Thursday 31 July 2014

Apollo of Gaza

Gaza Apollo
The human loss and utter carnage caused by the current war in the Gaza strip has aroused anger around the world. History will judge those who seek peace with bombs and seek to spread terror by attacking civilian targets. This blog however is not about my personal outrage about current events, but portable antiquities issues. So from that point of view, I'd like to invite reflection on what's happening about the Gaza Apollo reportedly held by Hamas. Has that too been shelled and blasted into oblivion? To recap, here are my old posts on this controversial object, linking to other work including by Sam Hardy and Rogue Classicist:
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Even if I am not at all convinced the thing is an authentic antiquity, it still needs further analysis. That however is the least of the problems of the Palestinians at the moment. 

On this day, seventy years ago, the Warsaw Ghetto looked like this.

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