Wednesday 30 July 2014

What Antiquity Collectors are in Denial About: Geopolitical Turmoil has Changed the Game

Tom Flynn ‏@Artnose writes (replying to @ChasingAphrodit @kyrikmk @odonnellhugh):
We can no longer do *real* due diligence on antiquities. Geopolitical turmoil has changed the game.
That I suppose begs the question how much real due diligence one thinks has been going on anyway, think "Leutwitz Apollo", Ka Nefer Nefer...

In any case, has not the geopolitical setting of the antiquities market been changing all the time since the 1956 Delhi document, the 1970 UNESCO Convention, and the US ratification of the latter with its cop-out CCPIA in 1983?  Time perhaps to take another look at them too and bring them up to date.
Vignette: It's a smaller world than in 1970


Salvor said...

I am trying to piece together all your posts on the Cleveland Apollo. I see the three main topics with (#) added to the header. Is that all of them or am I missing some?

Analysing the Leutwitz Apollo (1) Introduction

These appear to be the same discussion with a slight title ammendment.

Further Musings on the Leutwitz Apollo (1)
Leutwitz Apollo (2), Official Timeline

Do you have copies of this material somewhere that can be emailed?

I have been working on the Cleveland Apollo before it was released to the public and have a lot of questions and am trying to synthesize a paper that addresses both art history and provenance and its arcaeological record.

Also April 14, 2014 scientific test data was due? Any word on that?

Paul Barford said...

This is wholly off-topic to this post.

Basically, for me to make a list of my material published online here, I'd have to do the same as you - use the search facility. Why are you incapable of doing it yourself? Many people who want to use others' work for their research tend to be able to do a bit of the footwork themselves...

I think we all "have a lot of questions" about the Leutwitz Apollo.

The research on the solder is not mine to comment upon.

Good luck with your research.

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