Saturday, 15 November 2014

Focus on UK metal Detecting: Inflated Values

1914 George V sixpence
from ploughsoil
The bloke who says he feels "totally offended" by a "low" valuation of "his" hoard shows his attitude to history hunting by announcing "I've just sold this tonight for £203" (despite the George III coin he illustrates having been heavily cleaned). He also seems to think that he's always going to get catalogue values for his ground-dug coins: "Been back over to my little cricket field to see what else I could find [...] Just looked up that coin in my Spinks book of English coins and its valued at £30 minimum". This may be the reason why he thinks everyone owes him more than the TVC say. But if you read the other comments, it becomes very clear that nobody in his circles is at all clued up about anything either. Funny lot, metal detectorists.

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