Sunday, 2 November 2014

Russia Today Criticised in UK

The Kremlin's international English language satellite TV news service, Russia Today, is facing investigation by Britain's broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, after allegations of bias in its coverage of the Ukraine crisis and shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines jet over Ukraine. In July, Sarah Firth, a British reporter in RT's London bureau resigned after saying the Russian state funded service "distorted" news coverage.
Ofcom has found RT to be in breach of British broadcasting regulations several times in recent years. Last December, RT was censured by Ofcom for a documentary about Syria the regulator judged had given a slanted portrayal of President Assad. Ofcom ruled that RT’s report had “failed to preserve due impartiality." Coverage of Syria by RT in November 2012 was also judged biased. 
In the Sunday Times this weekend, A.A. Gill also criticises Russia Today: "The propaganda is so inexpertly camouflaged" ('A satellite Kremlin on British TV', Sunday Times 2 November 2014).  

Maria Finoshina (' Russian Journalism and Syrian Artefacts Truth', PACHI Wednesday, 29 October 2014) obviously is not going to defend her use of FAKE coins in her "report" on Syrian antiquities-for-arms trading. She even got a medal for it.

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