Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sloppy Reporting from the Collectors' Lobbyists

Human rights lawyer Amal
A story is swashing around in the bilge of the sinking ship of antiquities trade lobbying that suggest that Amal Alamuddin/Clooney (allegedly the "archaeological lobby's latest heroine") is "in trouble with Egyptian Military Dictatorship" (sic). A paid lobbyist for the numismatic trade picked it up from the ad hominem ramblings of a bitter UK-based metal detectorist and other collecting websites simply repeated it without checking. Somehow, the blame for it was wildly laid on "the archaeologists". In fact the whole thing was founded on an anti-Egyptian Guardian story which has now proven to be based on a misunderstanding. Amal Alamuddin found something useful to do with her legal qualifications, it is a pity that others cannot manage to do the same instead of constantly sniping at conservationists in this idiotic fashion.

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