Sunday 5 July 2015

ACCG to Defend Member?

A few weeks ago an ACCG coin dealer was accused in the British press (Times and Mail) of selling coins looted recently in northern Syria. The dealer denied it. We were informed that his lawyer has seen the paperwork, there is no proof of any wrongdoing and he intended to sue the papers concerned. It would be welcome to get a case like this in court. Nothing seems to have come of it though. The Guardian has now repeated the accusation with reference to the same coin. ACCG board member Peter Tompa says (July 5, 2015 at 9:10 AM) "How they could picture that coin again and suggest it was looted by ISIS is beyond me". I think the time is right for the ACCG to step in to defend the "traditional" business methods of its members and offer to provide (perhaps with IAPN help) a fighting fund for the dealer to demonstrate the paper trail for that coin and clear his name, and create a clear legal precedent for the use of such paper trails in the verification of licit provenance. Can the ACCG do that? Or are they just going to continue to stand on the sidelines muttering and complaining? 

Vignette: The ACCG defence

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