Friday 10 July 2015

Artefact Fetishism from US "Committee for Cultural Policy"


Cultural Property Observer said...

I am responding to your own reference to me and my blog.

Of course, Ms. FitzGibbon's post, mine and the original tweets were about complete ancient artifacts of the sort that are collected, not the shards etc found in bulk at archaeological investigations or the fate of Soviet monuments in modern Poland. (The Hungarians had a good idea-- they removed it all and put it into a "Communism theme park" which became a tourist attraction.)

In any event, your blog raises the question of whether the AIA, ASOR and the State Department are being dishonest when they pitch HR 1493 as necessary to "save history" which is equated in the press with saving artifacts not context.

Paul Barford said...

Ah, you see it doesn't hurt to engage in discussion, does it?

Yes, we too have a museum with Socialist realist art in Kozłówka, near Lublin. Full of Stalins.

Whatever one thinks the original tweets were about, what I was discussing was the fetishisation of objects which you lot exhibit. Ms Fitz Gibbon wrote of "art" generally, rather than any class of "art" specifically, and I take issue with what she said. As I explained, the whole discussion, yours and hers, was rather superficial and anyway based on false pretences. Why don't you both stop wasting everybody's time with this childish sniping and superficial nit-picking and instead get round to discussing something useful - like how to deal with the problem of the loss of documentation by so many objects passing through the art market?

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