Friday 31 July 2015

Van Crabben Introduces Confusion to Middle East Narrative

Christopher Jones, 'Assessing the Destruction at Hatra' Ancient history et cetera July 27, 2015 discusses the destruction of Hatra  in terms of a video which surfaced "last Saturday" but in fact this is confusion created by a blog aggregator (called "Ancient History Encyclopedia") run by which mixes original content with republication in full of material found elsewhere on the internet.  I am really unclear what this form of "churnalism" is for, but clearly this can lead to confusion.  Events in the Middle East are so fast moving that re-publication of out of date articles with false dates on can only mislead rather than inform. The post published by van der Crabben was in fact written at the beginning of April, and the "last saturday" referred to there was relative to that, and not a new video appearing in July. With ISIL websites constantly being taken down it is difficult enough for those trying to use them to follow destruction of heritage to keep up without false trails being introduced by blog-copiers.

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